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ADM Hosting offers a great variety of plans and has a reliable team making sure everything is under control. They have six plans for every type of site and user and have a great support response time.

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Victoria06 Aug 12, 09:295 out of 10
I visited the Ermelo event and ended up bniyug more than I planned! What a stunning collection of trendy pieces Thelna brought with to South-Africa. My wooden beads catch the eye every time I wear them and I can't wait for winter time to wear my hippie dress with winter boots. Thank You Thelna for my special pieces that complements my wardrobe and all the success to you in 2011 with EST!
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5 out of 107 out of 106 out of 103 out of 10

Rustygames05 Jun 07, 17:159 out of 10
Hosting is great. It's run by a very cool guy who really cares about the people. Customers are put first with this hosting company; a quality which is extremely rare these days. Good, down to earth service. Top notch!
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9 out of 1010 out of 109 out of 109 out of 10

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