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Malina20 Nov 12, 02:324 out of 10
I had exactly the same enerpiexce as you. The CS people are lovely and always there. Except nothing happened! They would escalate issues into a big black hole! I'd then have to check back and go thru the whole silly excercise all over again Please wait as I familiarise myself with this issue followed by I will make sure one of our admins has a look at your issue as soon as possible. Then nothing. Then that all over again. And again.It got to the stage where I had in mind to copy all the live help transcripts and post them up as some sort of a joke! So sorry. I don't want nice CS people standing in front of a useless team of tech support admins . I don't want to be made to feel good. I want to be taken care of properly.-Alister
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4 out of 101 out of 109 out of 103 out of 10

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